How not to draw trees (II)

Second experiment. The drawings I did yesterday really are not my style… if I have a style. I mean, the drawings are only watercolor, usually I use watercolors to give color to my pen and ink sketches. I did not use ink yesterday. I focused on color.

Today I want to isolate the shape so I do not use color. I use my graphite pencils (mainly HB and 2B) but I have tried to apply same rules, obviously, adapting them to graphite techniques. And here are the results.

The first tree is based on a video by the British writer and illustrator Shoo Rayner. The rest are variations on the same idea.

8 thoughts on “How not to draw trees (II)

  1. Wayside Artist

    You DO have a style, building up structure through line work. These are good examples of it. Trees do have sort of an architectural component that you are skilled at rendering. I’ll bet you can do cool trees with ink washes too.


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