Old City Gate of Haarlem

This last Gillot 404 testing sketch is inspired by an original drawing by the French artist Maxime Lalanne (1827-1886). The drawing is included in the book La Hollande à vol d’oiseau (A bird’s-eye view of The Netherlands) with text by Henry Havard and edited by A. Quantin in Paris, 1882. The sketch shows the old city gate of Haarlem.

Charles D. Maginnis defines the original Lalanne drawing in his book Pen drawing, an illustrated treatise as «an excellent example of the Economy of Means carried to its extreme. Not a stroke could be spared, so direct and simple is it, and yet it is so complete and homogeneous that nothing could be added to make it more so

12 thoughts on “Old City Gate of Haarlem

  1. kij0

    The Netherlands are a fantastic source of culture and artistic history. I have several friends who reside there and my one major wish is to be able to go there someday. Oh the things I would paint!
    Also, fantastic ink work!

    1. Nuno Post author

      I was in The Netherlands many years ago for the first time. It is a wonderful land. Amsterdam is a town to visit at least once in the life with lots of museums. But it has many, many beautiful places, too.


  2. hannekekoop

    What a wonderful piece of work. I haven’t been to Haarlem much, but it does make me think about several other places in the Netherlands. It really has that feel. Love how you drew the towers.

    1. Nuno Post author

      Thank you, Hanneke. I haven’t been to Haarlem but this sketch is a good excuse to visit it.

      And follow the book link. I’d like it. It is available online for free. You can download a PDF file and many other formats, too. It has around 100 drawings of many towns. The text is in French.

    1. Nuno Post author

      Thanks. Lalanne has amazing drawings. Maybe I work on other of his drawings, I think it is a good way of appreciate the details and how the artists solve some situations.

  3. aponr

    Outstanding sketch, it looks beautiful. I would not even call it a sketch actually, to me it is a finished piece of art work. It is beautiful.
    Do you first sketch with a pencil before going to ink?

    1. Nuno Post author

      Usually I sketch with a pencil but I only draw the principal lines. I define the space and the composition. Then, I draw all the lines and add details with ink.

      Thank you!


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